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Membership information
Current Membership fees:

Standard Member   : $28.00
Junior Membership: $14.00
Family Membership: $45.00

Green Laser License: $2.00

Regular 'Astro-News' & Newsletters are mailed to members who can also apply for a society email address - eg myname@wbastro.org

Monthly Observing nights are held on Saturdays closest to a new moon, and general meetings, which often with guest speakers, are held at the USQ on Wednesdays, 2 weeks either side of Observing nights.

We have practical hands on sessions in navigating the night sky, general astronomy education, use and maintenance of your telescope and astrophotography.

Take a look at the gear others are using and learn from their experiences.

E-mail info@wbastro.org for membership application form or click here to download form.

Observing Night Tips
When observing during winter months be sure to rug up well with well insulated footwear, beanie and coats.

Use only a red light torch when attending observing sessions at our dark sky sites. This helps preserve night vision (dark adapted eyes) crucial for seeing faint celestial objects. It is considered bad manners to use a conventional white-light torch.

If you are not a member, but would like to attend an observing night, please contact us at :- info@wbastro.org





Established in 2008 as the Hervey Bay Astronomy Group by Steve Massey and founding members Trevor Taylor and Graham Cole, then incorporated as the Hervey Bay Astronomical Society (HBAS) in 2010.In January 2015 we changed or name to the Wide Bay Astronomical Society Inc. with divisions in maryborough and Howard


Current Elected Committee


Joe Mather :----------- president@wbastro.org
Gary Hope :----------- secretary@wbastro.org
Andy Walters :-------- treasurer@whbastro.org

General contact : ---- info@wbastro.org


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Membership Application Form
Apply for a Laser License (members only)
Responsible Use of Astro Pointing Lasers

Observing & General Meeting Nights in 2016
How to choose a Telescope

Using Colour Filters
Society Equipment
The society has several telescopes which are available to members not owning their own. To borrow a telescope, please contact a committee member.






Wide Bay Astronomical Society

E-MAIL us - or call 0419 461 532  info@wbastro.org