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Observing nights (including BYO BBQs] are held each month on the Saturday night closest to a new moon. You are welcome to join us as a guest, or you can bring along your own 'Scope - or binocular - to share your experience with others at our Dark Sky Observing sessions. Public Education, practical training sessions & media releases are also part of our work, both for beginners and intermediate.

ObservingNight dates for 2017

Usually, we all turn up an hour before sunset to set up the 'scopes and allow them to stabilise whilst we enjoy a BYO BBQ, decide what objects to target, answer questions, or resolve any technical issues. Dates and times may be subject to change due to weather.

(Observing)Jan - Sat 28th

(Observing) Feb - Sat 25th

(Observing) Mar - Sat 25th

(Observing) Apr - Sat 29th

(Observing) May - Sat 27th

(Observing) Jun - Sat 24th

(Observing) Jul - Sat 22nd

(Observing) Aug - Sat 19th

(Observing) Sep - Sat 23rd

(Observing) Oct - Sat 14th

(Observing) Nov - Sat 18th

(Observing) Dec - Sat 16th






















































"Astro-Bytes", emailed to members in our group, are our way of passing on NASA discoveries & results from worldwide University research programmes.

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Charlie Falk, when, as the youngest member of WBASInc, he presented NASA Astronaut

& Shuttle pilot, Col. Robert Kimbrough a memento of his visit

to Maryborough. Appropriately, the gift Charlie chose

from his collection of NASA Emblems, was - of course -

Col. Kimbrough's own Mission Emblem as pilot of Endeavour's rendevous with the International Space Station.


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